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Angie Harmon Wants To Play She-Hulk: 'I Have To Be Her'


Rizzoli & Isles returns to TNT with its season 3 premiere on June 5, but star Angie Harmon is anti-spoilers, so the show wasn’t our main topic of conversation at a luncheon following Turner’s upfront presentation in New York on Wednesday. Instead, she wanted to talk about her love for The Avengers. As Harmon’s Twitter followers know, she wants to play She-Hulk. Badly. She recently tweeted a photo of herself “smashing” the sidewalk, and one of her “Twangels” tweeted it back to her color-corrected (pictured below).

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LivingTribunal3357d ago

Ha, I would totally go see a She-Hulk movie!

Crazay3357d ago

This chick is crazy hot and looks to me like she really could pull it off. I'd totally see that.

Arcee3356d ago

I could see Angie Harmon portraying She-Hulk on the big screen or on TV. That would be kind of cool.

DarkBlood3356d ago

id definitly see this if it came to fruition

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