Marvel Moolah: Robert Downey Jr. 'Avengers' Pay Set to Hit $50 Million


A deal incorporating box office bonuses and back-end compensation for the man who plays Iron Man blows away the salaries of his superhero co-stars.

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Crazay2739d ago

I can't help but wonder if this is just going to set the tone for what the rest of the crew will want for the next Avengers movie or subsequent movies in their current roles. If anything I think this has all the potential to hurt the likelihood of getting everyone back.

Soldierone2738d ago

More importantly is the fact that all the main stars are getting paid less than the two that just came in. Scarlett johanson, while talented and pretty, still didn't make her own movie or have a substantial role elsewhere in the universe beyond the tidbits in Ironman 2.

Then jackson was barely in any of the movies, and still barely in the avengers, and is getting paid more? While I'd absolutely love the job, that could be a concern for some people.....

HenderShot2738d ago

Wow, just like his role in the movie.

Soldierone2738d ago

Thinking about it. The movie made a billion dollars in 19 days, most of that was during the first week which means less than 10 percent of it went to the theaters. since he made more than the others, that puts them all at like 2 million. So they all will make 8 to 10 million combined.

Where is the other 940 million dollars so far? Plus Disney/Paramount is making money off action figures, Marvel is most likely seeing a boost in comics, then the DVD/Blu-ray is going to race off shelves etc....They could EASILY boost up the other peoples pay, and thats where the issues are going to come in.

DarkBlood2738d ago

dear god when you put it like that i better get to a friggen store for the 3D blu-ray combo before the store opens asap lol

Hufandpuf2737d ago

Johnny Depp is said to have made at least $250 million from the four Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Holy Moly