FilmFracture Review: The Dictator

Kathryn Schroeder of FilmFracture writes:

""The Dictator" is not a film that goes gently into the night by any means. It is an affront politically and socially, making fun of repeatedly systems of government, the state of the United States as it stands, the way we treat citizens and foreigners and the opposite sex, among a host of other things that are too long a list to mention. The film is hilarious, if not idiotic. Sacha Baron Cohen's Aladeen is nearly perfect as a protagonist/antagonist, Faris charming if not distractible as Zoey, and Mantzoukas's Nadal unforgettable for his comedic skills. The movie works as it stands, even with the repetitiveness of the subject matter and jokes that follow. There are times where things do not work as well, or the inclusion of a joke that falls flat--there have been far too many jokes about the herpes virus in other films, or scenes of defecating to last a lifetime at this point in film history. These small issues aside the movie will have you laughing, and laughing very loudly, if you share the ability to laugh at yourself, your country, and your people. If not, you may as well stay at home because "The Dictator" is gloriously offensive."

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