Marvel's 'Hulk' Still in the Works at ABC


Network president Paul Lee says the adaptation of the Marvel Comics series wasn't ready this development cycle and is optimistic the Guillermo del Toro effort will be ready next year.

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Crazay3252d ago

If they were to bring in Mark Ruffalo to the series and keep it feeling like The Avengers did and use it as a lead up to the next movie using the same models and technology to put the Mean Grean Smashing Machine to the small screen , then perhaps we have something here. Otherwise I think they'd only cheapen the character.

DarkBlood3252d ago

at this point i rather they just do it as a movie, unless they seperate it but dear god no i rather mark ruffalo for the next decade or 2 till its all rebooted in the next 20 or so years lol

hazelamy3251d ago

i don't think a, bodybuilder in green make up, hulk will cut it these days.

and a full cg hulk might be too expensive for a full series.

HenderShot3251d ago

Unless this turns out really good, I'd prefer there not to be another Hulk movie. I like Mark Ruffalo, but there's been 3 different Hulks already in the last few years. The way he was included in the Avengers was perfect.