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The LRA Show Ep. 54 - Dark Shadows

LRA writes: Even though we are still coming down off the high of last weeks SMASH hit, that doesn't mean we get to slack off this week. So we are back to our usual format where we start out with an update on our Summer Movie Draft and then have James talk about his third viewing of The Avengers in LIE-MAX 3D as well as his aspirations on whether or not to see it a fourth time with D-Box functionality. That leads into a conversation about the pros and cons about paying for one movie to see another, whether or not I curse too much on the show and then my thoughts on the BBC television series Luther. We then wrap things up with our discussion on the new Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaboration, Dark Shadows, where we proceed to not be very kind about our time spent with the soap-opera-turned-feature-film . Featured music this week is from the "Dark Shadows" motion picture soundtrack.

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