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Stan Lee Revels in Success of 'Avengers'


This weekend "The Avengers" hit the $1 billion mark worldwide. But long before the film's astronomical success, the 3-D glasses, the action figures and the sponsorship deals, there was the the imagination of one man -- Stan Lee.g

At 89, the legendary creator of some of the world's most profitable comic book characters remains quick-witted, rapturously imaginative and always laughing -- even if, as far as "The Avengers" is concerned, he's not laughing all the way to the bank.

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Soldierone3365d ago

His first comment "how could you not predict it" EXACTLY....even I predicted it and i'm not paid to do that.

DarkBlood3365d ago

i mean i didnt think it would be this huge even though i love it alot and when i say that i mean that as a comparision to other super hero films this one just takes the damn cake and eats it without sucking bad lol

and damn 89 years old? how does he keep going

Soldierone3365d ago

just enjoying life :P Stress takes years off your life, he just keeps doing what he loves has a great family and looks at everything positively. Let alone he is loved by everyone :D