LRA: Top 5 Films Featuring Michelle Pfeiffer

LRA writes: Michelle Pfeiffer has had a very interesting career. She is a fairly well known actress, has played in some reasonably successful and large scale films but has never attained what I would call triple "A" status in Hollywood. Although she has never stopped working, there would be pockets of time where it would seem as though she had just disappeared from the acting world, but then all of a sudden she shows up in a handful of movies out of nowhere. I have always liked her as an actress and a person, she just always seemed to have this glow about her, I suppose the word radiant would be more appropriate. The interesting part is that if I had to guess I would say she has never reached further in her career than she has only because I don't believe her to be an actor who does what she does for the fame or popularity. She just so happens to love acting and also be very good at it. It takes a true talent in this day and age to not only stay acting as long as she has but too als...

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alycakes2740d ago

I know this is crazy but my two most favorite movies with her in them are Ladyhawke and Stardust. Both movies were wonderful movies and she was really good in Ladyhawke but in Stardust she was the best wicked witch I think I've ever seen.