Push Start: Top Five Documentaries of the Noughties

Nick Sellers writes: "I adore Documentary. To me, it tells stories and reveals characters that you just couldn’t cook up for a blockbuster screenplay, no matter how hard even the most creative of souls try and conjure up something in their vivid imaginations. No other genre of film has such an ability to inspire change in the same manner as a good, thought provoking Doc, Thin Blue Line being the greatest example. It inspires discussion and debate, gives fascinating glimpses into complex lives and delves deep into the layers of a person via an interview and/or cinematic portrait of them.

From 2000 to 2010, there was a lovely influx of films that not only rose to the top of the Doc forefront, but also the forefront of mainstream cinema and film culture. Whilst a good film or television Documentary isn’t a rare occurrence, rarely does a title from such a category get muttered in the same breath as a big box office fictional movie.

This article looks at the top five from the Nough...

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