Weekend Box Office: 'The Avengers' Crosses The $1 Billion Mark In 19 Days

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When a movie scores the biggest opening weekend of all time (by nearly $40 million, in this case), the expectation is that it should continue to smash records. So, at a glance, “The Avengers” scoring the largest second weekend in film history isn’t exactly newsworthy. Though most prognosticators pegged the film, following a stupefying opening act of $207 million, to level off in the vicinity of 70% or so. As it turns out, a lot of your friends missed out on the movie the first time around, and after losing a little more than half of its first weekend tally, it’s the first film ever with two nine-figure weekend grosses.

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alycakes3369d ago

WOW!!!! This is something that even I was not expecting. I was expecting it to be a very big hit. I had all the faith in the world that Joss Whedon was going to make this movie work and that 99.9% of the people would love it...but just blows my mind.

Soldierone3369d ago

I would just like to say....I told you so :P Called this a long time ago, right here on Filmwatch.

I actually thought it would be a little faster, but hey.

DarkBlood3369d ago

i know i mean like damn man you know they are going to get to work on avengers 2 because of this success

i can bet my ass DC is going to jump right into making justice league and other pre films leading up to it to get that slice of the pie

gaden_malak3369d ago

They were going to do Avengers 2 regardless.

DarkBlood3369d ago

get to work on avengers 2 as in being hard at work on it so it can come out sooner then later

gaden_malak3369d ago

I think they'll get Thor 2, Cap America 2 and Iron Man 3 out of the way first. Possibly another Hulk.

DarkBlood3368d ago

well we got thor 2 and iron man 3 next year and probably cap 2 a year after those with maybe the hulk unless they put it in the same year as avengers 2

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RockmanII73368d ago

I thought it was going to cross $1 billion, but man at this speed? It's already made more than The Dark Knight and is $22 million away from passing up Alice in Wonderland and being one of the Top 10 most successful movies ever.

Captain Qwark 93368d ago

the sad part here is how successful the remake of alice was, imo that movie was terrible. the story made little to no sense, it was anti-climatic, acting was cheesy, blah, blah, blah, i could go on for days about what i hated about it. i cannot believe it did so well.....

but besides that, GO AVENGERS!!

LivingTribunal3368d ago

I would like to take some .1% credit for helping this movie reach it's $1B. I seen it 5 times in the first week... lol

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The story is too old to be commented.