CBS Cancels CSI: Miami And Unforgettable

TV Line: CBS made a call on two more of its lingering “bubble” programs on Sunday, announcing that CSI: Miami will not be back for an 11th season, while Unforgettable can forget about Season 2 (our sister site Deadline reports).

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alycakes3364d ago

I used to watch this all the time and this last season I lost track of it. I just have had so much going on that I can't handle all the shows that are on tv now.

Soldierone3364d ago

It all felt the same to me....Like they changed it to try and hide who the person was all the time, so while it was "obvious" it was going one way, it always went the other. Which is fine sometimes, but whats the point of watching it if they just purposely mislead you all the time ?

krazykombatant3363d ago

I guess you can say......

The show ran out.


(sorry i tried)

HenderShot3363d ago

CSI Miami had a good run. It had to come to an end sooner or later though. There's only so many things you can do in the show for so long.