Whitney's Renewal Hits Milestone For Multi-Camera Sitcoms

Whitney‘s renewal today was a big victory for the freshman NBC sitcom, which had been in serious danger of cancellation. But it also represents a major feat for the multi-camera genre on a broadcast network other than CBS.

This is the first time a freshman multi-camera comedy has made it to Season 2 outside of the format’s traditional home, CBS, in five years, since ‘Til Death was awarded a second season on Fox in 2007. What’s more, we could have two freshman sitcoms accomplishing that this year as ABC’s Last Men Standing is awaiting a renewal too.

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alycakes3365d ago

A lot of people don't like this show but my husband and I do like it. It's not the best sitcom but it's entertaining and we do think it's funny a lot of the times.

Blacktric3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Community faces cancellation and then gets a half assed season order while this piece of sh*t gets a direct renewal. How cute... I hope to God every damn day for this crap's cancellation...