The Dictator Review at Skewed and Reviewed

New staffer Justin took in the latest film from Sacha Baron Cohen and found that while it had some laughs, "The Dictator" was nothing special.

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Garethvk3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

I like what he does but I have to say, after reading Justin's review, I may just wait for this one to pop up on video.

We were set to go cover it when we got offered tickets to go see a show at Stand Up Live. It was a no brainer so Justin was assigned to cover it. Looks like we made the right call.

Garethvk3362d ago

I did go and see it tonight and I think the review was dead on. It was ok. There were some laughs but not to the level of Borat and Bruno. I think Cohen is a great talent but he works well when he puts real people in unexpected situations that go to extreme levels. I think when it is scripted it just does not play out well. Part of his success was catching people off guard in crazy situations and watching how they reacted. That was missing here.