Michelle Monaghan Stages A 'Coup' With Owen Wilson & Pierce Brosnan

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we said that Rachel McAdams doesn't always get the kinds of projects that match her skills, and the same could apply to Michelle Monaghan. The actress, who was excellent in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and "Gone Baby Gone," hasn't really stood out in much since, fading to the background or being wasted in fare like "Made Of Honor," "Eagle Eye" and "The Heartbreak Kid." But she does seem like to genre-y action pieces (such as "Source Code") as she's lined up another one.

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alycakes3371d ago

I like her a lot...she picks pretty good roles so far.

xVeZx3369d ago

fell in love with this woman when i watched source code...i would have done anything to save her like jake g in that movie lol