Interview - Gareth Evans (Director - The Raid)

"It sounds weird to say that I’m a Welsh guy living in Indonesia and making martial arts movies. To me, inside, it doesn’t feel weird – because it’s just been a natural progression day by day and project by project. But if I take a step back, it’s f**king bizarre!"

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HenderShot3363d ago

Such a good movie. Considering how low the budget was for this is mindblowing. The choreography was one of the best I've seen. Beats Ong Bak and Flashpoint's by a mile. It's too bad this movie didn't get more exposure here in the States. I was one of the few people that went to see this in the few theaters it was shown at.

danand823363d ago

The box office in the states was terrible - here's hoping it does a little better in Europe when it hits this week. Get out and see it!