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15 Avengers We Want to See in ‘Avengers 2′ & Beyond

Screen Rant:
Now that The Avengers has officially destroyed (nearly) all the box office records that have ever existed, it’s time to look forward to the future of the franchise and the inevitable Avengers 2 – which could hit theaters as early as 2015.

Aside from burning questions like "Will Joss Whedon return in the role of writer/director" or "is [insert spoiler] really, truly dead," we here at Screen Rant are most interested in which superhero characters – other than the six we're already cinematically familiar with – might show up in the sequels.

As such, we've crafted a wish-list of sorts, with breakdowns of the 15 Marvel superheroes we wouldn't mind seeing in Avengers 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on (with stats, bios, and summaries as to why we'd want them on the team).

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alycakes3368d ago

There's some good choices there. Whedon has always been a comic book geek so I'm sure he has ideas already swimming in his head and some of those already might be there.

Yi-Long3368d ago

... not on the list though, is my choice for She-Hulk, who could be played by the gorgeous Beyonce.

It would add another (sexy) woman to the cast, and could provide some nice banter between her and The Hulk whenever he's not green, and she is... (among other potential for great banter among the guys about her, and possibly some jealousy/bitchyness between her and Black Widow)

Also, maybe as a cameo, I would love to see U.S. Agent, even if only for the great costume.

Baka-akaB3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

i'd much prefer MS marvel being included over she hulk . The way they are "reinventing" her as captain Marvel , soon enough , in the comics , might be some subtle hint . Or at least prepping her for some potential movie future .

At the end of the day , she hulk is just a female hulk with a comedy edge a movie length wont do justice to, not in a supporting role .

let's also not forget how Ms marvel , the original Captain Marvel or Nova's origins pretty much tie to the cosmic side of Marvel . With Thanos in sight , it's much more useful and a propos to have them instead

Exquisik3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )


I think that the blonde waitress at the end that was interviewed will possibly be Ms. Marvel. There's got to be a reason as to why the camera was on her more often than not.

slaton243366d ago

beyonce is a no...she hulk is white and is bruce banner's cousin so that wouldnt go to well with some fans

Yi-Long3366d ago

...why would Bruce Banner's cousin have to be WHITE, just because he is white!? I'm white and I have lots of 'colored' nieces and nephews.

I'm pretty sure Nick Fury used to be a white guy as well.

In the end, she'll just be GREEN on the screen anyway! And Beyonce has the perfect look to portray a She-Hulk, as depicted in the comics from the late 80's/90's.

Soldierone3368d ago

Dr Strange would be cool, also black panther deserves a spot as well.

I think Captain Marvel is a given. They just battled it out with DC, might as well use him to the fullest. Plus with the rumored villains that are coming, he needs to be in it.

Nova would be awesome and I LOVE War Machine, I didn't get enough of War Machine in iron man 2.....He should be better developed, like Ironman was in Avengers.

I don't think a lot of the "smaller" or not as strong characters will be in it just yet. Like Ms Marvel or Wonder Man.

Kingdom Come3367d ago

Wonderman, Nova and Dr. strange are great suggestions.

Baka-akaB3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Like said above , MS Marvel is becoming the new Captain , so it could easily add one more female while having a compelling cosmic powerhouse .

The Original will be problematic to adress in movies with his pivotal death , now that Marvel is kinda streamlining both comics and movies to feel familiar enough .

He could at best be used as a way to pass the mantle to Carol Danvers , in the same effect as Hal Jordan being named a lantern . Or at the very least in a mash up with Ultimate Mar-vell

DarkBlood3367d ago

wait im confused Captian marvel is not a DC character? i dont have much to go by other then the DC universe vs. mortal kombat and some anime videos on youtube

then again i always thought it was strange with the name n all

Soldierone3367d ago

Both had a character called Captain Marvel, DC had to change theirs to Shazam because they lost the lawsuit and just recently the entire argument was done with.

DarkBlood3367d ago

so his shazam attack is now his name :P? sort of funny i think

LivingTribunal3367d ago

Seeing as Thanos is most likely going to be the main villain id's say they need more heavy hitters. The Sentry an Scarlet Witch would be great.

iamnsuperman3367d ago

No more....I know having more avengers sounds exciting but lets really think about it. The main reason why the avengers worked is the back stories of the avengers had all ready been done before in previous films.

Soldierone3367d ago

But you also had Hawkeye and Black Widow that stole the show because they were being developed in the movie, and not so much on their own. We could easily get two more characters to do that.

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