A Good Day To Die Hard – Bruce Willis Set Pictures And Amusing Logo

Bleeding Cool says

You won’t be at all surprised by Bruce Willis‘ clothing in these first set pictures from A Good Day to Die Hard. Well, perhaps the quantity of clothing. Who’s prepared to bet that he’ll strip a couple of these layers off as the story goes along?

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darklordzor3371d ago

I'm down for this movie. I know not a lot of people enjoyed Live Free or Die Hard, but I sure as hell did. It was just a fun movie that felt in line with everything else in the franchise.

Crazay3371d ago

The thing about Live Free and Die Hard isn't that it's not a decent action movie but in all honesty, they clipped MacClane's nuts off by not allowing for swearing when they made it a PG movie. It's really part of his character if you ask me. He couldn't even use his catch phrase.

Soldierone3370d ago

Thats the only thing i hated about the movie. To this day people don't believe me that they edited out the end of his catch phrase.....