World Exclusive Image of Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

Total Film

The Dark Knight Rises is, hands down, the most anticipated film of the year. So it's fitting that the film's incendiary anarchist should help kick off our very own revolution...

What better way to launch the brand new interactive iPad edition of Total Film magazine than with an exclusive look at Tom Hardy’s monstrous villain, Bane.

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Crazay3365d ago

He's so angry. Maybe someone needs to give Bane a kitten.

HenderShot3364d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing Hardy's performance in TDKR. He was brilliant in Bronson and Warrior. I have no doubt he'll do a great job as Bane.

Crazay3364d ago

I've never seen either of those 2 movies. I'm constantly told by people that I should check them out. Maybe this weekend is a good time to search netflix.

HenderShot3362d ago

Unfortunately Warrior isn't on streaming, but Bronson should be. That's how I saw it. Both are great movies, especially Warrior, which I still feel is heavily underrated.

NAGNEWS3364d ago

know what is good about Tom Hardy?

Tom Hardy is not Tom Hardy when he play's as Bane

fastNslowww3364d ago

This is NOT what bane should look like, IMO. They should've atleast got a bigger dude, perhaps mix it with some CGI for the time he would juice up, etc. Sadly the director is making the movie as realistic as possible. Which is kinda silly, dressing up as a bat, come on!

SITH3364d ago

Not exclusive if I have seen them before.