Britney Spears In As 'X Factor' Judge

Britney Spears is coming to the rescue of Fox's "The X Factor," the singing contest in search of a ratings boost.

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alycakes2746d ago

She's been on the straight and narrow for a while now and I think she'll be just fine as a judge. Hopefully it will be good for her and for the show.

Yi-Long2745d ago

... millions of dollars to judge other people's singing abilities...

In fact, I find it insulting and disrespectful towards the contestants, the audience, and to people who DO know something about singing and would have made a better judge.

That said, I don't even watch the crappy show, so what do I care!?

alycakes2745d ago

I don't watch it either but some people might watch and care about it.

adamant7152745d ago

It's not *only* about the voice. It's about the performances, star power, etc.