Benicio Del Toro & Cameron Diaz Team For The Action/Comedy 'Agent: Century 21'

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So, it seems Benicio Del Toro and Cameron Diaz are determined to work together. A couple of years ago they were attached to star in a pretty fucking dreadful-sounding rom-com "An Ex To Grind," which didn't really get going, and now they're attached to a no-less-promising "Agent: Century 21."

While the title may evoke some kind of futuristic spy movie, instead the film will find Diaz playing recent divorcee Mary Kay Curly, who cannot catch a break. Desperate to protect the two most important things in her life, her kids and her real estate agent job, Mary Kay agrees to take on an unpleasant task for her boss that accidentally gets her kidnapped and tossed into the center of a Mexican drug war.

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alycakes3367d ago

Well, I can tolerate Cameron Diaz comedy better than Katherine Heigl comedy mainly because KH isn't really that funny in her movies.