WWE Studios Is Losing Money Off Most Of Its Movies

Most movie studios have the aim of making a solid profit out of the movies they make. Sadly for WWE Studios, 3/13 movies have only made a profit. This does not bode well for the studio.

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adamant7152819d ago

Not really surprising.. they're horrible. lol

Kurylo3d2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

i have to agree with you there. All of their movies suck. And they are all pretty much mindless. Not to mention that their acting sux as well.

They are trying to capture the magic that the rock has, but the rock has something going for him. Personality and he can act. Hes not a cardboard cutout action hero.

Soldierone2818d ago

They are better off putting their stars into movies....their actual movies suck. I mean even when their wrestlers appear in other movies their acting is so dull and lame most of the time, let alone you really need to know who they are to even understand their character.

Personally I'd sell the movie ideas to Hollywood, see what they do with them, and not have the entire focus around WWE wrestlers because that is probably the issue. That or simply find better multi-purpose talent like The Rock.....

mahmoods262818d ago

Its not about the stars, its about the movie itself. Making essentially B movies will make you B movie money, WWE needs to start looking at scripts that are legitimately good and will help them build a reputation in the long run. Remaking leprechuan is not a good move to make money.

MinimeJer052818d ago

That's what happens when you make movies of low quality.

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