James Cameron Is Still Going To Do Battle Angel Alita, But Not For A While


Hey folks, Harry here... when the news of that James Cameron interview hit, where it seemed he had decided that he'd only ever make AVATAR movies for the rest of his life... I felt my soul drop a bit. I love AVATAR - and I am wholly intrigued by Cameron's assertion that he can tell all the stories he wants to tell through the metaphoric worlds he can explore in that cinematic universe... It reminds me of how John Ford used the Western or Alfred Hitchcock used the Suspense genre. Or George Lucas with STAR WARS. But... Goddammit, more than any AVATAR film, I'm dying to see Cameron tackle BATTLE ANGEL ALITA. I've been tracking that project with Jim for as long as that original treatment for AVATAR has been around. SO... I had to write Cameron to see if I should still cling to the hope that there will be a BATTLE ANGEL ALITA or if he was going to give up on it - and there would be a hope that another filmmaker might take it over. Here's what Cameron had to say...

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