The Amazing Andrew Garfield: Tobey Maguire Interviews Andrew Garfield

A decade after Spider-Man the game changing blockbuster that broke all the records, Andrew Garfield stars in the summer's reboot, 'The Amazing Spider-Man'. Who better to give him advice than Tobey MaGuire, The original Spidey? Here, The two impassioned actors discuss the nature of success, storytelling, and celebrity.

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alycakes3375d ago

I think this is so interesting and good that they could get together and talk over this common interest and work that they both have been a part of. I really enjoyed this.

NewMonday3373d ago

while i'm exited for this re-boot, commercially wise it would have been better to wait at least 5 years, fan-attachment to the Rami movies could kill the hype, the Avengers and batman are also crowding the geek'O-sphere

Soldierone3373d ago

If i'm not mistaken, if they would have done that Disney would have stepped in and took the rights back. When Disney bought Marvel, Spider-man was the first they targeted. Sony either had to give up rights to the TV shows or the movies, and probably had a time frame to push out another movie.

sikbeta3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )


SM3 killed all the "fan-attachment" the series had

I really hope this movie does better than the first SM at least, that way it'll have more confidence to keep going with it and don't screw up again

Lord_Sloth3373d ago

You can taste the awkward. XXXD

MinimeJer053373d ago

That was such an odd read, but awesome.

r213373d ago

title should be spiderman interviews the amazing spiderman

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3373d ago

That interview was awkward for everyone.

On a side-note. You can tell right off the bat that the Spidey reboot looks alot better than the original Spidey IMO. With Spidey's humor, his parents, his web shooters and Gwen all included it definitely feels alot closer to the comics.

WitWolfy3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

Not really, Gwen was never a love interest really, more like a sister figure in the comics. They should of brought in a new Mary Jane IMO, they cant just erase her from the WHOLE universe acting like she never even existed, can they??? The only reason Gwen is there is because her dad is prob gonna die in the movie (just like in the comics) and end up living at the Parkers.

But who knows I could be wrong...

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