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Stunning Conceptual Art For The Avengers Revealed


Revealing various conceptual designs for Marvel's The Avengers Helicarrier inside and out, illustrations of key sequences, Thanos' Throne and more, check out tons of new concept art!

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Crazay2890d ago

There's more than what I posted here. I strongly recommend that if you respect the art that goes into the movies before it's actually built then check them out. The pieces are amazing.

LivingTribunal2889d ago

Woah... Thanos throne looks awesome!

Crazay2889d ago

Is that not some sweet work there? I thought that was an amazing pic.

Crazay2889d ago

It actually makes me wonder if there's some extra stuff they've shot that didn't make the final edit that we could see in the actual BluRay release.

Swagman23212888d ago

Joss Whedon said they cut 30 minutes out of the original shot footage that will be included in the bluray release.

Soldierone2888d ago

The one of Thor on the tower and the last pic are absolutely wicked! I wish I could color like that.