Illumination and Universal Adapting 'Clifford the Big Red Dog'


Illumination Entertainment, the company behind the recent family hit Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, and Universal are teaming up to bring Clifford the Big Red Dog to the big screen.

Matt Lopez has been set to write the script for the project, which will be a live-action/animated hybrid. Chris Meledandri will produce for Illumination Entertainment with Deborah Forte producing for Scholastic Media.

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Crazay3552d ago

Clifford the Big Red Dog was something that was part of my daily curriculum as a small kid in Kindergarten through grade 3 in teaching us how to read. I've often wondered if they'd ever make a Clifford movie and now they are which is awesome because my daughter is now into the same books I was as a kid. I'll definitely take her to see this.

MySwordIsHeavenly3551d ago

I'd prefer a remake of Clifford...instead of Clifford.

Crazay3551d ago

The one with Martin Short? LOL That was kinda funny.

Soldierone3550d ago

I liked the show growing up, but I guess this just isn't my cup of tea to say it has potential. I mean if they want to revive the show I can see that, but a Lorax type movie? I don't see that.

I was looking forward to their next movie though so we will see, Lorax was awesome.