Iron Man 3 Lands Rebecca Hall as Female Lead

The Collider:
Disney and Marvel have tapped Rebecca Hall (The Prestige) for the female lead of Iron Man 3. The powers that be have moved quickly to initiate talks with Hall, as the previous frontrunner for the role, Jessica Chastain (The Tree of Life), turned them down only yesterday, citing scheduling issues. All the better for Hall, who can prepare for her role as a “sexy scientist” who rivals Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark in intelligence. The third installment will feature the return of Downey Jr. after his scene-stealing turn in The Avengers, along with Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle. Guy Pearce will join the fun and Sir Ben Kingsley is on board to play the villain. Production on the Shane Black-directed Iron Man 3 starts this month in North Carolina before heading off to China en route to a May 3rd, 2013 release date. Hit the jump for more on Hall’s role and the overall plot of Iron Man 3.

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rataranian2722d ago

=\....they coulda done better.

alycakes2722d ago

I think she's good..I liked her in The Town with Ben Affleck too. We'll have to wait and see.

Baka-akaB2722d ago

The more important news is that they'll be getting inspiration from the Extremis Iron Man books . An excellent story that basically gave him super powers . It could have easily been a mess , but back then it was one of the best thing that happened to Iron Man , along with the movies

Psychonaughty2722d ago

What I'd like to see is a film where Captain America gets super powers cos so far he's been incredible lame in both films. His strength needs to be at least doubled before he gets interesting to me.

Lf_sIcKmAn2722d ago

Wait, so withstanding a direct hit of mjolnir and thor does not count as super strength? You think the shield did all the job... Sorry but no.

Baka-akaB2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Captain america getting powers would be lame . He's already enhanced enough to the peak of "regular" human .

I can understand not liking him , but him not being of the usual freaks or mutants is part of his appeal .

Extremis powers for Iron man works because it doesnt negate Tony Stark's need to be one of the smart ones , or his presonality . It just gives him a new way to control his tech and to equip his armor

360GamerFG2722d ago

Ben Kingsley? Of Prince of Persia and Blood Rayne fame? Doomed.

Genghis2722d ago

academy award winner ben kingsley


Pozzle2722d ago

...not sure if serious? :/

Baka-akaB2722d ago

From his post history , i have no doubt he is serious . Or at the very least serious about trolling