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6 Scenes We Love From The Films of Marvel’s Avengers

FilmSchoolRejects - This week, on a very special edition of Scenes We Love, we explore all that came to pass during Marvel’s run up to the $200 million dollar bohemoth known as The Avengers. As those who follow things like news and film will note, 5 movies came before the keys were handed over to Joss Whedon, who expertly wrangled together the largest personalities in the Marvel Universe to create a spectacular start to the summer of 2012. And while there were so many memorable scenes from each of the films that came before — and many still from The Avengers itself — I tasked myself with choosing just one from each film.

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alycakes3370d ago

One of the best scenes in The Avengers was when Loki finally met up with Hulk....that was so funny I thought I was going to fall off my chair laughing.

gaden_malak3370d ago

That and Hulk punching Thor would have been my highlights, at least in terms of comedy.

alycakes3370d ago

yes, me too. That was Joss Whedon comedy. I love it when something like that happens. It was like Hulk was saying "I don't have time to mess with you". It was just too funny.

Lucretia3369d ago

u guys left out all the shots of Black widows ass :), that was pretty awesome