Does Channing Tatum Die Early In G.I Joe: Retaliation?

Channing Tatum played Duke in the original G.I Joe movie back in 2009. He was pretty much the main character of the film. Ever since The Rock and Bruce Willis joined the fray in the sequel, Mr Tatum has not been advertised heavily. Does this mean Duke dies pretty early in the film?

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xVeZx3370d ago

theres a scene in the trailer where the rock or somebody is holding dog tags in the almost positive they are dukes

crxss3369d ago

guaranteed he "dies" early on, but i'm guessing he'll come back in a plot twist near the end.

Lord_Sloth3369d ago

Hopefully, yes. I want as few ties to the 1st film as possible! This film looks like it's gonna kick the 1st's ass all over the place!

MinimeJer053369d ago

I hope not. I didn't care for the first film at all and at the time I didn't care for Tatum, but recently I've started to like his films a little more with each new one. Now, they go and pull him from a film that he could probably do some damage in.


Soldierone3369d ago

He was so dull in the first one.....but that doesn't mean he can't improve.

This movie is looking rather predictable with the main storyline, just like the first one, so I have no doubt someone is going to "die" if you know what I mean.