Disney Announces ‘Avengers 2′ In Development


This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who sat through the credits of The Avengers, or who simply looked at the film’s record-breaking box office sales this past weekend. Still, fans (and investors) will be glad to hear that Disney CEO Bob Iger just announced that the company is developing a sequel. The film’s success “is a great illustration of why we like Marvel so much.” Demand for Avengers merchandise has been strong, he added.

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Crazay2355d ago

This is HARDLY a shocking turn of events. The franchise is a license to print money.

Crazay2354d ago

I guess the timeline is going to have to come directly after Ironman 3, Thor 2 and Cap 2...I kinda hope they manage to squeeze in a few more solo character outings before they jump back into the Avengers 2. I know lots of people are talking about Ant Man and The Wasp(?). Just tossing in new characters without a proper introduction to them seems kinda dumb.

DarkBlood2354d ago

dont forget theres a new hulk movie too unless they decide to have that one after avengers 2 or somehow have it filmed side by side with it because i imagine the mocap work is pretty hard and would save a bit money in the long run even though its a blockbuster anyways

Crazay2354d ago

See here's the thing. Considering what we know to be the roadmap for these movies for the next few years leading up to the Avengers 2, that would put all of these actors in the same character roles for a rather large portion of the next what? 3-4 years? I can't see ALL of them staying on board for that long.

I suspect all this milking of the franchises and in such a short period of time is going to wear the actors thin on the roles and making it more of a chore then anything. I mean look what Hemsworth has to go through to Thor up. That man puts himself through ALOT.

DarkBlood2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

true, that would make me value the breaks and rest even more and maybe im speaking on a different perspective but i would go through the hardwork in such a short time frame provided id have help to get me there

and such a big transformation in 3 months from what we saw in the thor movie pure torture i bet

Crazay2354d ago

Dude what he does to his body and the calories he puts into his body just to keep it functioning is disgusting. He's packing away more calories than 3 normal men need in a day. But also what happens if he gets injured?

I'm not gonna say I don't want them to keep making the movies but it kinda makes me uncomfortable to see them churning so many out in such a short time frame.

Also, is it possible that we'll be so over saturated with comic book movies that people will grow tired of them?

DarkBlood2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

such is the price of being a bodybuilder of sorts no? i'll admit i dont like the sound of eating chicken and the likes every 3 hours just to keep my muscles from going down because it burns more calories then you eat i think

but im not at that level yet but with money being a issue of sorts i dont think i can afford to get big like he does with my workout lol

anyways if anything damn the muscles for demanding so much of us :P

@soldierone i know i wont get tired of them, if they were releasing them at fast rates my only problem is playing catchup im more likely to wait for the blu-ray releases as to save the money i would use to see it in theatres versus paying more on top of the blu-rays

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Soldierone2354d ago

I was thinking about the "getting tired of superhero films" issue too. I don't really know.

In a way I can see it getting tiring, but as a comic book nerd I honestly can't stay away from them. I mean if we do get tired of superheroes, wouldn't comic books have entirely died out rather fast? Yet they are going for almost 100 years.

As long as they keep bringing interesting stories to the table I will keep going. I mean if we keep getting action flicks with superheroes mixed in, yeah that will get old and Hollywood will need to revamp it. But looking at Spider-Man, Batman, and The Avengers it seems they figured it out.

I don't think they will go anywhere until they figure out how to make a videogame movie correctly. And personally, that won't happen till the video game crowd is older and more mature (just like the comic book crowd is right now)

MoJoOttawa2354d ago

I know nothing about the comic books but really liked The Avengers. The action was fast and furious and I had a few really good laughs. Can't have too much of a good thing.

KILLERAPP2353d ago

This only means DC will push for Justice league and that one I really want to see!!!!!!

Genghis2353d ago

Wonder if they'll follow the Infinity Gauntlet arc. Would love to see Spidey, Fantastic 4, X-men, Avengers, Ghost Rider, Daredevil, and all the others fight it out.

Movie of the century...