Did The Avengers Just Crush The Amazing Spider-Man's Chances for Box-Office Domination?

E!Online says

Now that The Avengers has brought in more than $207 mil at the box office, does that mean there's no room for The Amazing Spider-Man or The Dark Knight Rises? It sounds like an awful lot of superhero movie for a single summer.

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Crazay2744d ago

I have no doubts that Spider-man is going to make a punt load of money but I'm pretty sure it won't get to anything near the same level the Avengers or even TDKR does in total box office.

Soldierone2744d ago

I think, based off the trailers, it will be the sleeper hit. If anything TDK should be afraid of it to be honest.

I mean look at it. People are pretending to be all mad that its a reboot and "oh i don't want to see it, looks lame" then the newest trailer hits and people are talking about it again.

I think IF the film can pull of the same thing, aka is amazing, then it will explode. People will be going back. I think The Avengers had the hype going in, Spider-Man has the hype afterwards.

alycakes2743d ago

I think you're right. It still won't make as much but people are curious and want to see what they've done with the new spiderman.

Kurylo3d2743d ago

Actually im not pretending that im mad about it being a reboot... im not pretending i wont see it. Really. I wont see it. It looks stupid to me. The actor in of himself looks retarded. The best thing that movie has going for it is the fact that dennis leary is a cop. Otherwise who cares.

Ryasha2743d ago

I didn't want to see it because of the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Whatever his name is. I just don't get the Parker feel from him as I did with Tobey.

I still don't want to see it because of him but I will because the plot seems good enough to make it worth it. But I definitely won't be seeing it in IMAX nor 3D like I did The Avengers.

extermin8or2743d ago

I think he'll make a much better spiderman; I'm sorry but Toby's acting was for large sections of the films: awful; there were an unbelievable number of cheesey moments in the films and they ruined venom partly by not giving him anyway near enough screen time; don't get me wrong the films were enjoyable enough but I think for the way marvel have been doing their franchises lately in terms of films and the sort of atmosphere they want from them Andrew Garfield will be a much better Spiderman mainly due to his acting appearing to be alot better.... he doesn't look like the stereotypical nerdy/geeky person but then again people usually don't.. :S

NewMonday2743d ago

i loved the Spidy trailer, didnt think the can make something better than the Rami films.

before he was a hero he was a selfish A'hol, this movie is about the character transformation

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banner2744d ago

I hope it turns out to be a good movie..

Imo though its going to be hard for this and batman to top a movie with more than one super hero.

I think its time to start making teams like the avengers movi.. A batman and superman movie would be crazy, spider man with xmen etc..

Genki2744d ago

If anything, TASM crushed its own hopes. Say what you want about the original trilogy, the fact of the matter is that a lot of people were looking forward to the next chapter of that franchise even in spite of the dismal 3rd outing. Honestly I think this one is gonna clock in at number 3; it will still likely get above 500 mil, but they're gonna need to build up steam for this new brand in order to be a bigtime box office contender again, IMO.

For what it's worth, I do think the movie looks good, especially after that awesome new trailer, but this reboot will be viewed in the eyes of fans the same way that any other reboot is: There's a lot to prove, and a lot to live up to.

sikbeta2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

SM3 was sh*t! that alone crushed the hopes of expanding the trilogy

I never read the comics, I just watched the 90's show and love it, first SM was awesome, Second reached the peak and third one totally f*cked up!

I'm going to watch the new SM movie and I hope is great!

MySwordIsHeavenly2743d ago

I think it will do well, but it isn't riding on the back of various other franchises...or two previous installments with loads of fans. :/

Do people like Spider-man? Yes. People love Spider-man. He is arguably the easiest superhero to relate with.

The problem is that nobody knows it exists...and it doesn't have the star power of Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johannson, etc.

BlueRevolvuR2743d ago

I'm a fan of Marc Webb's movies. I trust he will do a good job.

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