Can 'Dark Knight Rises' Beat 'The Avengers' Debut?


In the battle of the summer superhero blockbusters, journalists and box-office analysts pitched the story as "The Avenger" versus "The Dark Knight Rises." Could Marvel's crazy experiment pay off? Would it be enough to stop Batman from owning the box office once again? Most had "The Dark Knight Rises" pegged to repeat the magic that was 2008's "The Dark Knight" and the phenomenon that followed, but that was before this past weekend.

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Crazay3129d ago

This is a tough one to call. They're both the biggest movies of the summer but I suspect that TDKR takes a slight edge over The Avengers.

fei-hung3126d ago

I think I am the only to day this but I absolutely hated dark knight and it ruined Batman for me.

I couldnt get into how realistic it was and how it felt more like a 3hr bourne film as supposed to a 2hr comic film.

DKR seems to be the same whilst Batman Begins is a good balance of realism and comic.

I think the Avengers will do better for that very reason, it is more entertaining to watch and not a comic book story coated in a thick layer of Bourne syndrome.

iamnsuperman3129d ago

Tough one really. Like the article says they are two completely different films. It is possible because of The Dark Knight being so good but it is hard to say. I am looking forward to TDKR more so than I was for The Avengers (because I wasn't sure they could pull it off -they did- and I prefer the darker mood of the Batman films)

Crazay3129d ago

I certainly wouldn't wager any money on the outcome of these 2 films.

Torkith3129d ago

I'm going to say No. For a couple specific reasons.

1) Like the article, 3D gives the Avengers a huge advantage.
2) More families would bring their kids to the Avengers over the Dark Knight Rises.
3) Bane while awesome is not the Joker. (Does the general public even know who Bane is?)

Crazay3129d ago

i don't think Bane is going to be a hard sell if Hardy's performance continues to get the praise that has come out thus far.

asmith23063128d ago

This is what has me worried (for want of a better word) about TDKR. I have been a fan of Hardy since his epic performance in Bronson but I don't know if the character itself will give him the chance to be better than Heath Ledgers Joker. The Joker had it all; wit, viciousness, anarchic, etc. I'm not sure if Bane has the same range. In a nutshell, I don't know if TDKR will beat TDK because everytime I watch TDK I realise more and more that I am watching it because of the Joker and Ledgers performance. Take that away and its just a good crime film.

mcstorm3128d ago

@asmith2306 I agree with what you say TDK was all about the Joker he made that film and out did Batman but then again I never though the Heath Ledger could out do Jack Nicholson as the Joker but he did and imo did it even better than Jack.

I have liked what has been done with the Batman reboot and the only comic film ive got hyped for as spider man, Hulk ect I have not enjoyed so this is part of the reason im going to wait for the Avengers to come on DVD as im still un sure as ive not thought any of the films from the charters in the Avengers were amazing films.

As for who will make more Money I see TDKR making more money on the Opening weekend as the hype the Movie is getting at the moment is getting more people I talk to excited about TDKR than the Avengers.

ngecenk3128d ago

agreed. the trailer should focus more on catwoman character rather than bane. curious why they haven't use hathaway sex appeal in the trailers. haven't they learnt anything from scarlett johanson? :D

edwest3128d ago

No, because the batman movie is designed to pump your blood towards your brain you see.

Captain Qwark 93128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

im glad they didnt. catwoman is not the main villain and imo i dont even like her catwoman, she is cheesy and useless. and like the two films before it, the movie would likely be better without a female character at all. the two low point of BB and TDK imo were its female leads.

that said, i think TDK will do incredibly well but come in at the 170-180 range. i think its going to be a long time until the avengers gets beaten.

krazykombatant3128d ago

1. 3D is a gimmicky, there is no need for it.
2. true
3. Don't bash the characters, we all did the same with the DK.

all in all TDKR > avengers.


Torkith3128d ago

I want to be clear here when I say 3D gives it a huge advantage. I don't mean that people want to see The Avengers because it's in 3D, people want to see the movie but they're going to have to pay extra because it's in 3D.

I sure had no intentions of bashing any characters. If I can clarify this point as well, I meant more the fact that everyone knows who The Joker is. However with Bane like I said, an awesome character, with mass audience I feel like less people actually know who he is compared to The Joker.

fei-hung3126d ago

I think the DK got a lot of free press due to the death of Heath Ledger and this took the movie to a whole new height.

Spoke to a lot of friends after the hype had died and a lot of us felt hype had a big part to play. Joker was played well, but was nothing like the joker in terms of gags n pranks n jokes. He was just a psychopath in make up.

I dont think they will be able to pull the same amount of hype in for DKR. Saying that though, this dont mean it will do bad, but just not as good as the Avengers I think.

krazykombatant3128d ago

I can see where you're coming, but what comic book companies hope out of all of this is that it increases interest and then demand on these heroes, be it DC or Marvel. Those that become hook, will want to know what other stories marvel that involve these characters.

Crazay3128d ago

I think the 3D factor is a moot point. I strongly suspect that many tickets for The Avengers were sold in 3D specifically because the other screens were already sold out for the time they wanted to go.

I love the 3D movies but that's just how I see that argument.

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Corepred43129d ago

I think Dark Knight will come out on top. Not only because I'm a huge Batman fan but because I think all the Avengers movie did was make people want more! Which is exactly what people will go see TDKR for. Only reason I see Avengers beating Batman is how Torkith said, people took their kid's to see Avengers. Yes, kids will see TDKR but I don't think as many.

Soldierone3129d ago

I think you have to take Spider-man and the other blockbusters into account here. IF Spidey is staying strong until TDKR it could potentially steal just enough of the money to make The Avengers stand.

The Avengers really has nothing competing with it. I have't personally been to the theater, or even wanted to go to the theater, for a month or two. The only movie peeking my interest was John Carter. So there were a lot of people like me anxious to just see something, and The Avengers filled that gap along with being a good movie. The Avengers really has nothing to worry about till Battleship releases, or men in black 3.....

TDK has Spider-man plus everything else that could easily get interest.I'm not saying these films will hurt it to a point of being pure competition,I'm saying they will be enough to prevent an Avengers like opening.

Crazay3129d ago

I like your points dude. I really do but something about the new movies screams Box office disappointment to me. I dunno if its the reports that sony execs aren't pleased or if its the rumored run time 90minutes or if is just something that doesn;t sit well.

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