Why 'The Avengers' Wasn't the Most Pirated Film Last Week

THR - Fewer people downloaded the blockbuster film than one might expect.

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zeddy3368d ago

the movie is best watched in theatres, not on your laptop.

Corepred43367d ago

What about a 65" HDTV with surround sound in my living room? I know it's still not the same but hey... lol

gaden_malak3367d ago

Irrelevant if there is no HD quality copy out there.

killcycle3367d ago

Actually HDTV screens have better quality then Cinema screens (Vue and Cineworld) IMAX is a different story.

But watching it on a HDTV will display much better quality and richer colours.

Legion3367d ago

Exactly... looked at the local DVD copy center this week and it wasn't even available with a bad copy. If a copy had been ripped then it would have been downloaded. No source of any copy available yet.

Gamer19823367d ago

Indeed just rubbish cam copies. A lot of people now wait for decent pirate copies online before downloading. I went to cinemas to watch and loved it personally. I will be buying it day 1 on blu-ray too :)

monkeyfox3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Make a film so good and so much of a spectacle that most people wouldn't want it spoilt by some shitty pirate copy... As above though, once the DVD rips come there will be alot more people downloading it. However, i do believe that this film will still do exceptionally well when it comes to blu-ray (especially) and DVD in a few months time.

The film industry harps on about piracy killing Film/media etc - But if you make a good product people will buy it. I expect this film to top a billion $ with DVD/Bluray sales included.

Gamer19823367d ago

Your bang on! People don't want to watch a crap copy of a great movie and that's exactly why there's hardly been any piracy.

alycakes3367d ago

I wouldn't want a bad copy of this movie. I'll wait and i'll pay good money for a good copy. Movies like this deserve at least that much.

Soldierone3367d ago

....Because it was actually good, and people will pay to see an actually good movie perhaps? Gee Hollywood, that really took some effort to figure out.

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The story is too old to be commented.