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Arnold Schwarzengger to Star in David Ayer’s 'Ten'

The Collider:
Arnold Schwarzenegger has added yet another action-thriller to his list of upcoming projects. Open Road Films has sent out a press release announcing that Schwarzenegger will star in Ten for director David Ayer (Street Kings). Once again, Ayer will be working on a cops-and-criminals story, and this one focuses on a DEA task force who heists a drug cartel safe house, and then start getting picked off by an assassin. Screenwriter Skip Woods (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) penned original screenplay, although it sounds like a play off Agatha Christie‘s novel Ten Little N****rs (the missing letters are not “a-g-g-e”).

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alycakes3366d ago

I guess he needs as many movies as possible now that he has three households to support.

DarkBlood3364d ago

wait theres 3 households now? i must of miss the last one

either way i will see this cuz of arnold

alycakes3364d ago

Me too...

The reason I said 3 households is he hasn't moved back in with Maria so he has to pay for his own place and Maria's and the kids and the 3rd is the housekeeper's and his other kid.

DarkBlood3364d ago

ah ic ok thanks clearing that up. you say he hasnt moved back in,are you implying thier divorce is not final yet?