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10.0 - The Avengers Review

Marron Marvel "Joss Whedon (who, if his cult of followers is to be believed, is some kind of magical wizard with the powers of awesome) is a comics fan, but he's also a storyteller. And I feel like this is what makes The Avengers such a success, even moreso than the superhero movies leading up to this ensemble film. He takes several different key ingredients -- any one of said ingredients may have been left out by any other writer/director -- and masterfully mixes them together in just the right amounts to form what is, essentially, the perfect superhero movie."

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alycakes3373d ago

I totally agree Arcee. You and I already were fans of Joss though. There were a lot of people out there that really didn't understand why they had someone with such little experience making movies doing this big high dollar movie.

From day one when I found out Joss Whedon was the director and as I found out he rewrote the script also...I knew and I said I wasn't worried that it was going to be a blockbuster.

Arcee3365d ago

Agreed, when I found out that Joss was the director I knew he would know how to handle the chores on this film - especially the interactions between all the characters. I really hope he comes back for 2.