Castle Preview: Will Rick Blow Up His Relationship With Kate To Save Her

This Monday at 10/9c, in the Season 4 finale of ABC’s Castle, the murder of an Army veteran puts Kate (played by Stana Katic) on the trail of the man who shot her – meaning she’s perilously close to revisiting the murder of her mother. But Rick (Nathan Fillion) has privately vowed to steer his partner away from that conspiracy-laden powder keg, lest he lose her — forever.

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alycakes2745d ago

I just wish they'd get on with it already. My goodness! Some shows suffer when a relationship grow but shows get better. It always depends on the story and the writers and where they want to take it.

On Bones...I like the way they made the relationship between her and Booth work and I hope it continues while the show is on. I think they can do the same here...make it grow slowly and so it makes sense.

alycakes2745d ago

I saw the season finale tonight and it was so good. It had a good and bad ending so can't wait until it comes back to see what happens next.