Weekend Box Office – The Avengers Breaks All-Time Domestic Record with an Astounding $200.3 Million

The Collider:
The speculation stops here. The Avengers has crushed the all-time domestic weekend record by more than anyone imagined. Taking in an estimated $200.3 million from 4,349 locations, the Marvel superheroes flew past the $169.1 million of previous record-holder Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

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alycakes2746d ago

Not surprised...just so excited for them.

gaden_malak2745d ago

It's funny, when I went there was no one in the cinema. This was a 6pm session (in Australia). Got out and the next session was packed

alycakes2745d ago

You're so far away...glad you saw it. When I went it was the first showing of the day on Friday and kids were still in school so there were only about 50 people in our theater. Same thing happened...when we got out the lobby was full and we could barely get out thru the crowd.

NewMonday2745d ago

it was almost fully book'd for 2 days, only seats left were at the far corner in front of the screen, the audience fully enjoyed it laughing and cheering all the time.

jkoz2745d ago

Maybe ~30 people in a 10am showing on Friday. So glad I went then, that's how I will do all my movie premieres from now on.

Soldierone2745d ago

We went to the first showing in the morning, trying to beat the crowds. It was half filled lol....this is the bigger theater too so it was like over 100 or so seats I believe? so at least 50 people in the one showing, they had about 4 or 5 at once.

Soldierone2745d ago

About time. We have been seeing "Avengers falls just short of Harry Potter" all weekend, was starting to worry they would never top it.....

Next stop 1 billion dollars!

Daz2745d ago

Good for them, great film. I really enjoyed it.

CultOfPersonality2745d ago

Ive seen avengers four times, twice in 3d and twice in 2d, the 3d showings were packed an the 2d were half and half! I'm glad it's the all time opening because a film like this deserves it, the scale, the humour and the ambition marvel have showed! Congrats to all connected with this movie! Roll on iron man 3 and Thor 2 next year!

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