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IGN - Mad Men: "At the Codfish Ball" Review

IGN - Of all the storylines this week, I felt Peg was the one that felt a little weak, as it played out a bit more predictably than the others. With Peg nervous that Abe was going to break up with her and Joan suggesting he was going to propose, it wasn't hard to guess that it would be neither of those extremes. Still, Peg deciding to move in with her boyfriend is a notable thing in an era where her mom still refers to it as "living in sin." And it was hard not to wonder if her mom might not be right about Abe using Peg "for practice" until he finds a woman he really wants to marry – and hope she isn't wrong.

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alycakes3367d ago

I don't like soap operas so I refuse to watch...those are my feeling.