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Poster or Box Art: John Carter | What's My Thoughts

John Carter didn’t exactly take the box office by storm as it was suppose to.  Which was surprising.  The reviews were flatlined, but given the major marketing push and the Disney name, one would expect to see some domestic success in the release.  Fortunately it did far better internationally which almost helped make up for its massive $300 million budget.  Disney still took a loss.

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alycakes3374d ago

I don't know why...maybe the time it was released or the other movies people were waiting for to be released but I thought the movie was a work of art. It was done very well and the story was like no other so I just wish that it had done better because it deserved it.

Soldierone3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

The media didn't want to give it a chance. Basically the guy at Disney said yes to the total bomb of Mars Needs Moms, so the media was ready to target his next project.....and this is where John Carter slid in.

It's hard to like a movie when almost all of the media was hating it before they even saw it.

I loved it though, thought it was great, and I'll be buying it on Blu-ray. Even the user reviews everywhere are positive until the negative "get rid of the John Carter fanboys" step in and rate it super low.

alycakes3373d ago

Yes, I'll be buying too.