Friday Box Office – The Avengers Amass an Amazing $80.5 Million; Second-Highest Debut of All-Time!

The Collider:
It’s official. The Avengers is a monster. After earning a reported $18.7 million at midnight, Marvel’s long-awaited superhero mash-up posted an estimated $80.5 million on its opening day in 4,349 locations. That is second only to the $91 million of 2011’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. In terms of its three-day prospects, The Avengers is set to challenge the aforementioned boy wizard for first place in the All-Time weekend race. The number to beat there is $169.1 million – completely do-able for these critically-lauded superheroes considering they have 77% of America’s screens all to themselves. Meanwhile, Tony Stark and company have already taken in an enormous $304 million since opening internationally last week. That means that the Disney/Marvel release will likely pass $500 worldwide by the end of this weekend. And they said Joss Whedon was worried!

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alycakes3373d ago

Joss Whedon worries about everything...probably why he's lost all his hair..he used to have a lot of hair when he started Buffy on TV.

I think it's going to break the record but let's wait and see before we get ahead of ourselves.

yoshiroaka3373d ago

After having his tv series suddenly cancelled after barley one season i dont blame him. That can really hurt your self esteem.

And if he somehow by any chance managed to mess up a movie like avengers, a title that sells itself, i would doubt his chances of getting real work again even with all his talent.

Im really happy for him tho. Hope it breaks it!!

monkeyfox3373d ago

I don't like the assertion that the Avengers movie "sells itself" and that he would have been foolish if he managed to mess it up - Sure it would have done well because of the content however i think it was alot to do with the extremely positive first reviews and the fact that Joss was leading this project from the beginning that got people so interested in the first place. The euro release date helped alot also and helped to build anticipation.

He hasnt just made something "that sells itself" he has for the first time made us a super hero comic book adaption that actually works(bar of course maybe chris nolans batman reboot). This movie is funny, action packed with just a tiny hint of darkness.

I hope this helps Whedon maybe get a firefly season 2 off the ground or something. Hes definitely gonna get the respect he deserves from now on...

alycakes3372d ago

Well, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on for 7 seasons and Angel was on for 5 seasons. It was Firefly and Dollhouse that got cancelled after only 1 season....that's when he went for the Avengers job....He really doesn't have to worry anymore as far as people wanting him to direct.

yoshiroaka3372d ago

Yea he does have a great start to his career but im sure he needed a win under his belt. Any failure is not easy to deal with. I didn't know he did dollhouse.

He does have a big following of loyal fans tho.
I was one of the people who got super excited just because it was him directing it.
And from what i hear he did a fantastic job (gonna see it soon). Not sure who else could have done better.

But the Avengers does sell itself to some extent. I mean even if it was bad there would be tons of people who would still watch it. Its a big name.

But with that said, im sure it was him that made it from a movie that performed well to a movie that broke records.

krazykombatant3372d ago

The dark knight rises is going to trump all the records :P

UnSelf3372d ago

im glad someone understands

GirlsGeneration3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

The dark knight loool the 3 new batman movies are so overrated they're really not that great most people just jump on the bandwagon and listen to what other people think. The original batman movies are so much better it felt like they were really in Gotham city not like the new ones it's just regular chicago with the name Gotham city on it. Anyways I'm looking for to see the Avengers this week i would take the Avengers anyday over the new batman movies.

Siren303372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

So you actually think batman and robin is better than the dark knight? Even when I was a kid and went and saw them at the movies I knew they sucked

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3372d ago

But George Clooney/Val Kilmer were so dreamy. Can't forget the queer robin and clueless batgirl. /s

The first Michael Keaton batman was good. The only thing the old movies had going for them was the big name bad guys jack/carey/arney/devito

krazykombatant3372d ago

So you must like the batman nipples yes???

Get out of here, all the new batman movies have been great. I'm willing to bet top dollar that batman will be the VERY LEAST nominated for an oscar. avengers won't be.

tarbis3372d ago

I wonder if it will break $1b gross just like The Dark Knight. It would be cool if it did. Everyone should support great movies like these.

Flewid6383372d ago

Wow everybody here is talking about the wrong Batman.

The MICHAEL KEATON Batman were the shizz (1&2)