Tim Burton Talks 'Beetlejuice 2' And 'Big Eyes'

The Collider:
Doing early press for the black and white, stop-motion animated 3D film Frankenweenie, due out on October 5th, questions for director Tim Burton naturally turned to what he might decide to focus on next. While we will post that portion of the interview on May 9th, I can say that the nearly 30 minutes of footage that we saw was as adorable, twisted and witty as you would expect, and I can’t wait to see the full-length feature.

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alycakes2747d ago

Saw an extended preview of Frankenweenie today...looked really cute but probably won't go see it at the theater.

Soldierone2746d ago

Thats how I feel. I commonly take interest in almost anything Tim Burton does, but have only seen maybe one movie of his in theaters lol (Alice in Wonderland)

alycakes2746d ago

I have that one too and I have the Corpse was pretty good.