'The Avengers' MediaStinger (Re)View

MediaStinger: "The summer movie season officially launched today with one of our most anticipated movies of 2012, and damn, was it a freaking blast! The culmination of five prior Marvel films, The Avengers is the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow of various popular superheroes, wholeheartedly embodying the comic-book studio’s name (i.e., you WILL marvel at what you’ll see)."

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Soldierone3379d ago

I can't even begin to say how amazing this movie was.....

alycakes3379d ago

I know....I'm at a loss for words. I can't believe how awesome!!!!

DarkBlood3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

yeah the hulk segments were hilarious lol espically the bit with *SPOILER ALERT*

where hulk punchs thor and tossing loki sideways lol

and i underestimated thors strength now that i see how he handles the hulk during that fight


this is a definite super duper day one blu-ray 3d combo purchase

the badassness of every character has jumped up for me im thinking about jumping into the comic world now lol

SantistaUSA3379d ago

Same here. I watched this morning on IMAX with couple of buddies, I'm usually one those guys that won't clap when something awesome happens, but this time Hulk got me. Hulk by far was my favorite, black widow was great as well, to be honest all of them did a great job!

I wanted to talk about it with my coworkers but those suckers haven't seen the movie yet lol

Can't wait to see it again. :D

Soldierone3379d ago


Lmao the entire theater couldn't stop laughing when Hulk was smashing Loki around everywhere! And it was so cool watching him just randomly jump from fight to fight kicking arse!

It really makes you want to have all the movies, let alone go buy all the comic books again!

SantistaUSA3379d ago

The Hulk and Loki fight was awesome, couldn't stop laughing lol, even when Hulk gave a little love to Thor, Hulk stole the show by far :D

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alycakes3379d ago

That part with Hulk & Loki, I said to myself, there's Joss Whedon, that's him. I could see his dry sense of humor thru out the whole's just a little different and even though all the characters were already in existence except one before he came have to give give all the credit for the Hulk. I think the Hulk stole the show in the big fight at the end.

alycakes3378d ago

Hulk most definitely stole the show. He was so funny at times. There was just so much going on all the time that I know I had to miss something so next week I'm going to see it again and make sure I pay even more attention to everything. This time I won't go eat lunch first and drink ice tea and maybe I can sit thru the whole thing without having to get up and go to the bathroom....darn!