3 Things That Didn't Work in The Avengers

Jordan from TMP says:

The Avengers is out and it's a pretty amazing film; yet it wasn't all peaches and gravy. There were some issues with the film, because let's face it, no movie is 100% perfect. I've already gone over (extensively) the things I love about it and to balance out the rest of my review, I'm now here to talk about some of the things that didn't work for me.

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Lord_Sloth3373d ago

Scott Pilgrim was 100% perfect.

darklordzor3372d ago

Ha! You may have me there. Thought I can't say it's all perfect, it's about as close as I've seen any movie get. Good call sir!

NewMonday3372d ago

1- the big deal is the bridge was a 2 way street, but Odin used his power to send Thor in a 1 way trip, he needed the cube to get back.

2- in the Avengers movie universe space travel is not simple, it needs dimensional door ways and star charts confirming the existence of life, in other words not all sentient beings are aware of the existence/location of each other, with the exception of the "9 realms" under the protection of Asgard

and the purpose of the Cheturi is explained clearly if you see the extra scene, the character has the same purpose in the comics, the line "to challenge them is to court death" is a dead giveaway.

1- the event was enough to get Cap and Tony going, they are the organizers, Thor and Hulk are "persons of mass destruction" and don't need a game plan

ilikecookies3372d ago

I think the reason why it wasn't explained is because the Avengers movie is supposed to take place after certain parts of certain movies. Like Avengers takes place well after Iron-man 3, I read this somewhere but I don't remember where. Assuming it takes place after Iron-man 3 I think it also takes place after Thor 2 in which they explain his return. It doesn't make sense I know, but hey what can you do right?

MinimeJer053373d ago

Glad to see someone agreeing on the Thor regard. I was pretty pissed about his return explanation, only because I loved the movie Thor so much and was really curious to see how they'd bring him back to Earth.

darklordzor3372d ago

I can't say I loved Thor a whole lot, but I thought his return to Earth deserved just a little more time as well.

jony_dols3372d ago

My beef with The Avengers is that the final battle could have been won by Iron Man & The Hulk alone!

The rest were essentially deadwood, especially the non-supers.

Still an excellent flick though.

Soldierone3372d ago

I think Thors return could have been fixed 2 ways.

1 End of Thors movie say something or do something to show how he is working on coming back. Have that transfer over to The Avengers.

2 Add another 10-15 minutes introducing yet another character like all the others. Not going to lie though, while each one was cool, I was starting to get tired of all the introductions by the time Thor came so I was rather happy he simply just appeared.

aviator1893372d ago

3 things that didn't work vs. 1 million other things that worked wondrously

smashcrashbash3372d ago

@ jony_dols. Are you joking? Did you even watch the movie? You talk as if everyone else just stood there and looked pretty. Thor helped kill half those creatures and it was Black Widow who helped close the portal and it was Captain America and Hawkeye who defended against the ground troops and got people to safety. By your logic the Avengers don't need anyone else but Iron Man and Hulk in the comic or cartoon either. The both of them could just fight people like Loki and Thantos all on their own.

Soldierone3372d ago

I have to agree. SPOILERS BELOW

-Ironman wasn't fighting the aliens, he was distracting them and letting the group open a weak spot so he could kill them. It even showed that he couldn't do anything several times but to distract them.

-Captain America sorted the plans and rescued the civilians below. Without him Black Widow wouldn't have shut the portal, and Hawkeye would have been alone.

-Hulk was a giant tank, but would have been out done if he was alone.

-Black Widow shut the portal down, someone doesn't do that, they lose.

-Thor was another tank helping out Hulk.

Also you have to look at the entire movie to see the effects on the final battle. They did thing the entire time to help support the final battle. So even if someone was standing their useless, they probably did something before that helped a crap ton.

smashcrashbash3372d ago

I forgot about that. That is correct. Captain America was the one making and sorting out the plans and Hawkeye was the one watching their backs from above giving them intel.What Iron Man, Thor and Hulk were doing was Captain America's plan and was assisted by Hawkeye watching from above.

jony_dols3372d ago

Iron Man did a lot more than just distracting, he single-handedly destroyed the full 1st wave of aliens, took down one of those giant flying worms, not to mention he intercepted & hauled a nuke out into deep space destroying the entire alien fleet (a plan that he came up with).

If the Hulk was just pottering about cleaning up the rest of the aliens, whilst another near invincible super like Thor took care of the portal then it would have been easy as pie!

They should just get rid of the non sup's & Captain America, and call the next film The Avengers 2: The 3 Amigos!

Soldierone3371d ago


The first wave he took out some of the smaller aliens because he wasn't expecting an entire army to come in. after that point he tells the others (and even his suit alerts him) that he needs their help.

The nuke thing yeah he did that on his own.

As for Thor destroying the portal, they stated it can't be breached because of the field around it. Thats why Black Widow had to go up there and help the scientist push the Speer into it. If I'm not mistaken even Thor said "I can't break it"