"We're Doing The Movie": Peter Berg & Connie Britton Say 'Friday Night Lights' Film Is A Go

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Last summer fans of Texas football, and more specifically, the series "Friday Night Lights," got some hope that there was more to come. Peter Berg revealed that he wanted to get a feature film off the ground centered on Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton picking up where the final episode of the show left off, and that work was happening to start getting it rolling. And then, there was pretty much radio silence on it, but now it seems it's becoming more of a reality.

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alycakes3379d ago

I'm sure this is good news for so many people. I myself didn't keep up with this series on tv.

edwest3379d ago

Wouldn't this technically be Friday Night Lights 2 though, as the series is an offshoot of the movie?

alycakes3378d ago

I really don't know...I think they mean that they are going to make a movie to bring closure to the tv series but I'm not sure. If that is what they do then it wouldn't be a 2.