Domain Registrations Reveal Lucasfilm Is Working On "Star Wars 1313" Project

Last July, talk of a film featuring Boba Fett was making the rounds on the internet after Screen Rant interviewed director Joe Johnston who said he was trying to get George Lucas to make a movie based on the Star Wars bounty hunter. Though nothing was ever confirmed, Lucasfilm is hinting at a new project called Star Wars: 1313, according to several domain names registered on May 2, 2012, through the brand protection agency Corporation Service Company. The registrations include names like and

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darklordzor3374d ago

Probably something similar to what they did with Star Wars Identities....Remember how excited everyone got about that, then it turned out to be an exhibit.

Soldierone3372d ago

Trying to figure out what the hell 1313 means. Only thing I can think of is maybe their next 3D film is releasing on the 13th day of a month of 2013 and their marketing is being geared towards that?

It's been a while since I've been diving into Star Wars, so I can't remember if anything relates to it story wise?

krazykombatant3372d ago

at this point who cares about star wars, lucas has been destroying his creation. Its his right, after all he invented it. But still, the franchise won't improve until after his death/ he stops being involved in it.

aviator1893371d ago

I still care, but his recent work hasn't exactly been his best. The franchise still has such great potential for stories but it needs the right director and guide.

fusible3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

It now looks like Star Wars: 1313 will be a video game. A "Star Wars 1313" trademark filing that covers video games just popped up on the USPTO website today.

Dms20123371d ago

Would like to see what JJ Abrams or Whedon could do with it.