Marvel Studios Has Finished A Secret Project That Will Be Revealed In The Coming Months

Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios' President of Production says co-Co-president Louis D'Esposito has directed "a little something that we're going to reveal in the coming months."

Speaking to SHH Feige, who is rapidly becoming my favorite Hollywood Exec, revealed that Marvel will have a secret something revealed in a few months that apparently already been filmed. My best guess is that it's more shorts but you never know with Marvel [and that's why we like them].

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alycakes3379d ago

That's good. Something new to look forward to. It's almost like it never ends and I guess it doesn't. It will all still be happening and going on and new movies will be made long after I'm gone so I better enjoy as much as I can while I'm here. Life is good but I don't take for granted.

LivingTribunal3375d ago

A Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch movie would rawk mah sawks.