Black Kryptonite Image From The Set Of ‘Man of Steel’

NTF says

So our newest bit of Daily Planet gossip arrives in the form of an auction. We were actually sent these pictures of props apparently sold very recently from a auction in Plano Illinois. The auction itself doesn’t list the movie production these “props” supposedly came from, but the source that supplied them claims they came from the “Man Of Steel” production itself. Now, it’s known the MOS production did go to Plano to film, as there are pictures of the production with the “Plano” water tower in the Background. We also know Plano was used mostly for setting the scene for Smallville, which includes Clark’s high school, the Kent Farm, and the meteor landing which all line up with the items posted in this auction. (Namely A Football Helmet and A Piece of Kent Farm {Now destroyed}). There are other bits supposedly from the filming of Metropolis, but there’s one bit that really intrigues us. Now so much for how it looks, but because what the person labeled it as…. Blac...

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DarkBlood3373d ago

ooo seperating superman like that would be dangerous :P