New Featurette for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Sells the Film as a Superhero Movie

The Collider:
A new featurette for director Timur Beckmambetov’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has gone online. Bits and pieces of new footage are interspersed with Beckmambetov, writer Seth Grahame-Smith, and producer Tim Burton talking about the film. Essentially they’re selling the movie as a valid entry in the superhero genre, with Burton going so far as to compare their Abraham Lincoln to Batman. I wasn’t a huge fan of Beckmambetov’s Wanted, and I’m still not convinced that Vampire Hunter won’t be a series of action sequences filled with so-earnest-it’s-cheesy dialogue. I’d love nothing more than to be pleasantly surprised, but I still feel like the film would’ve been a lot more fun if the premise had been played tongue-in-cheek.

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alycakes3185d ago

I saw an extended preview at the movies today and it was so good that I'm actually looking forward to this movie more than I thought I was. I really like vampire stuff but I'm choosey about the ones I see.