Black Widow is the Best Avenger

Sean and Steven want to remind you to keep ladies first when picking your favorite Avenger. Her skill set might be the least unique of all the Avengers, but the Black Widow is a self-made badass and the lone lady on a team of dudes with serious egos. So all the ladies put your hands up and all the guys, well, priorities gentleman, priorities.

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Soldierone3380d ago

I haven't seen it yet, but I'm assuming she plays the role that Black Panther had before. Kinda the "soul" of the group while everyone else argues.

Dunno I have yet to see the movie.

alycakes3380d ago

I think she does her fair share of fighting from what I'm hearing. I printed up my tickets from the collectibles that we ordered then took the printed form to the theater and got my tickets to the Friday showing of the Avengers.

I feel like a little kid going to see this movie.