Chris Hemsworth Wants 'Grittier' Asgard In 'Thor 2'


Thor may not get as much screen time as the rest of his "Avengers" co-stars, but by the end of the movie, he's likely the character you'll want to see more from.

With Tom Hiddleston already signed on to reprise his role as Loki in "Thor 2," Chris Hemsworth will have enough trouble on his hands when he gets back to doing standalone movies next year. The endings of "Thor" and "The Avengers" arguably leave more things unsettled for the Norse god than any other of the heroes.

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3381d ago
Crazay3381d ago

I'm only getting into Game of Thrones right now but already I can see how Thor is going to benefit greatly from the new director. I'd rather NOT see too much of Thor on Earth in the next movie.

NewMonday3380d ago

it would be great if it is set in Asgard and the 9 realms(minus Midgard) this was the best part of the first movie.

the 2 major dangerous realms other than the frost giant realm are the nether world ruled by Hera and a fire realm ruled by Sutur. another big villain could be Thor's warmonger grandfather

Soldierone3381d ago

This is where it will be interesting for Marvel movies. Marvel did it with all their movies, kinda brought them down to earth and told the origins and didn't go much further. Bring Thor to Earth for a majority of the movie was an example.

Now that origins are out of the way, they will need to take on more advanced stories and its going to take more effort. This is where the realm of "wow these are superheroes in outrageous worlds" comes in, and this is where WB/DC has been stuck with all their characters; since from the get go they are way further "out there" (exception of Batman)

LivingTribunal3376d ago

Grittier? It was fantastic in the first movie. All gold and magical out in the cosmos and now you want to make it look... old and gritty?

How will the writers explain that? How will they explain why Asgard look all old and run down all within a few years? Terrible idea.