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Gamevolution: Road to the Avengers. (Five Micro-Reviews.)

The premier of Joss Whedon’s take on the Avenger’s legend is creeping up fast. Though it seems like yesterday that Nick Fury introduced us to the Avenger’s initiative, it was totally four years ago and I’m bored with this intro. Here are my micro-reviews of the Avengers-universe-films thus far!

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jony_dols3377d ago

Wow, it still hasn't been released in the US yet? Whats with Europe & the rest of the world getting most of the major cinema releases before the States this Summer?

I remember when we had to wait for sometimes weeks & now it seems to be switched around.

The Avengers, Battleship & Prometheus to name but three.

WilliamKosh3377d ago

It really is strange... Not sure what happened.

jony_dols3376d ago

The studios must be finally realizing the potential of the international market. But I think it is a mistake to neglect the US market.

Can't wait to see Prometheus on the 1st June in IMAX, kinda feel sorry for my US brethren who don't get to see it till the 8th!