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Warner Bros. Buys Sci-Fi Dinosaur Pitch

has purchased a sci-fi action pitch about a rapidly evolving species of dinosaurs who attack modern Los Angeles. John Clisham, a longtime employee at James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment and who recently worked on the Titanic 3Dconversion, is directing and will write the script with Mike Bayman. The rest of the plot is being kept under wraps, but the project was developed by online network Break Media as a large-scale web series. Warners’ Greg Silverman and Sarah Schechter saw early tests and stepped up to acquire it as a feature film. Bayman will produce; Scott Nocas and Break Media’s Greg Siegel will executive produce. Break Media creates and distributes male-targeted content online. The company reaches more than 200 million consumers through its portfolio of owned and operated web properties and mobile applications.

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alycakes3378d ago

It's been a while...I think we might be ready for some dinosaurs to appear and cause some chaos around here again.

darklordzor3378d ago

I'm sold! Sorry, I'm a sucker for dinosaur and catastrophe movies. This has the makings of all of that. I'm sure it won't really be worth a damn story-wise, but I'm still going to watch the hell out of it.

alycakes3378d ago

Me too...I glad they came up with this idea. It's not going to be a Jurassic Park type movie. This will be totally different and that will make it even better because all the chaos will be happening all over the place.

aviator1893378d ago

Still waiting on Jurassic Park 4 here, but this sounds great.

Patriots_Pride3377d ago

This sounds like the Godzilla plot.

alycakes3377d ago

I don't think it's going to be just one dinasour but several of them.